P21w ba15s CANBUS LED break Tail Bulb

16.99 13.99

Chipset: 30pcs Advanced Glow 3020 LEDs
Colour: Red
Output: 900lms
Dimensions: H: 41mm W: 17.5mm


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P21w ba15s CANBUS LED break Tail Bulb

After trial and error we have sourced a 100% break and tail bulb that is 100% CANBUS emitting a powerful 900lms.
Shop with confidence as ALL our products are covered by a FULL warranty .. no ifs or buts or questions asked, money back or replacement bulbs.

Our plug and play P21W  tail and break LED bulbs are the perfect bulbs for upgrades. Emitting 900lms of light they are safe and seen from a huge distance.

Our P21W bulbs are a DOUBLE contact and if you require SINGLE contact bulb you can find them on the below link: